Onion Bag Potato Mesh Net Bag Machine

Potato Mesh Net Bag

Onion Bag Potato Mesh Net Bag Machine

Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine

It is applied for producing bay by , creel stand and raschel machine working with PP/HDPE tapes made from flat yarn making machine With Max. Working Witdh 140” Available for multi-line production to obtain higher output.

Features .

Yarn feeding from and creel stand.

Talking~of warp knitted sack the continuous netting is batched into rolls of 1000mm dia.

Bag durable communication

  1. Raschel mesh bag machine suitable for fruit mesh bag, Etc.
  2. All stitching of the bag is done on the machine. Save the labors cost for stitching process
  3. Drawstring can be done automatically
  4. The size of bag is adjustable


Onion Bag Potato Mesh Net Bag Machine
Potato Mesh Net Bag Machine
  1. Special specifications are also available
  2. Manufacturer reserve the right to change the specifications without notice

  Model :                            SR-140-H500-A-2

Applicable :                    PP/ HDPE Flat yarn, Monofilament

Working Width :             84” X110” 130” X 170”

Gauge :                           Per Inch: 2-6-12

Warp Supply Systems : Warping Beams / Slitting Extension Machine /Creel Stand

Performance :                  400-600 RPM

Number ̥of Bar :              6-10 Ground Bars

Power Consumption :    7.4KW

Main Motor W/Inverter : 7 HP

Raschel Bag Machine
Raschel Bag Machine
Raschel Bag hdpe Satya
Onion Bag Potato Mesh Net Bag
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